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Preparing the Way (2023 Edition)

Are you a follow of Messiah (Yeshua/Jesus) seeking a deeper understanding of the gospels? Do you want to explore the rich traditions and teachings of Orthodox Judaism to gain a new perspective on your faith? Look no further! We proudly present "Preparing the Way," a book that will revolutionize your understanding of Yeshua as a practicing Orthodox Jew. In "Preparing the Way," we embark on an enlightening journey to bridge the gap between Orthodox Judaism and Christianity. Through a collection of thought-provoking essays, we delve into essential topics that will transform your understanding of Yeshua and his teachings. This book is a guide for followers of Yeshua who are seeking a more profound connection to their faith and a greater appreciation for Yeshua's Jewish heritage.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover within the pages of "Preparing the Way":

1. Getting started in Torah

Explore the foundational teachings of Orthodox Judaism and understand how Yeshua's teachings align with these principles. Gain a deeper appreciation for the Torah's significance in both Judaism and Christianity.

2. Was Jesus a Pharisee?

Uncover the historical evidence that supports Yeshua's affiliation with the Pharisees, shedding light on his role as a devout Jew and his interactions with other Jewish sects.

3. How to identify false prophets:

Learn how Yeshua's teachings align with Orthodox Judaism's teachings on false prophets. Discover the tools to discern authentic spiritual guidance from deceptive influences.

4. What are Judaizers?

Address common misconceptions surrounding Judaizers and their role in early Christianity. Gain a comprehensive understanding of this historical context and its relevance to modern faith.

5. Common myths and misunderstandings

Explore prevalent misconceptions about Yeshua's Jewish background and debunk them with historical evidence and scriptural analysis.

6. The Purpose of Torah Understand the enduring significance of the Torah in Judaism. Discover how Yeshua's teachings relate to the timeless wisdom found within the Torah.

"Preparing the Way" is a comprehensive guide that will empower followers of Yeshua to embrace Yeshua's Jewish identity and teachings fully. By bridging the gap between Orthodox Judaism and Christianity, this book will deepen your faith, foster interfaith understanding, and promote unity among believers. Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity! "Preparing the Way" is your key to start unlocking a profound connection to Yeshua as a practicing Orthodox Jew. Embrace this journey of discovery and prepare to experience your faith in a whole new light. Order your copy of "Preparing the Way" today and embark on a transformative journey towards a deeper understanding of Yeshua's approach within Orthodox Judaism.

[Book is scheduled to release in January 2024]

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